Get an overview of the Stripo API with comprehensive documentation. Explore the features, functionalities, and benefits of integrating Stripo into your email design and development workflow.

If you want to quickly create email messages with various data, you are in the right place 🙂!

The Stripo API makes it possible to automatically create email messages with pre-configured and stored modules in the library that define the design and layout of the final email message and an external data source (the source for the content).

Stripo API model

The Stripo API is a standard REST API that supports basic CRUD operations. It may be used by 3rd party applications to automate the creation of email messages and plan their further exports and mailings.

With the help of the Stripo API, you may swiftly complete various tasks without manually interacting with the editor. The Stripo API lets you control email message content, dynamically insert data, and export created email messages from your account as HTML. You can automatically create many email messages in the editor in a few minutes. You may also delete unwanted email messages and/or templates or see how many folders your account has.

We will delve deeper into this topic in the next articles.


Pay attention!

It is important to transform the data from the data source to JSON format because the system accepts only that. That’s why every request must have an application/JSON content-type header.